Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cigar City Brewpub On The Horizon

  One of Florida's premier breweries, Cigar City, is just days away from opening their first gastropub. The traget date is April 1 (yeah no fool'n). Located at 15491 N Dale Mabry Highway in Northdale, a suburb of Tampa, Cigar City will occupy a newly renovated building once home to a T.G.I. Friday's. The brewpub's menu will be blend of traditional Cuban cuisine with a Floridian twist. And what would a gastropub be without beer? Founder and CEO Joey Redner has assured us that you will be able to find all the Cigar City staples in addition to a selection or beers that are unique and only available at this new location.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Highland Brewing Co. Devil's Britches IPA

  Highland Brewing  Co., out of Asheville N.C., is one of the originators of the now booming Asheville craft beer scene. Today's sampling is from their seasonal portfolio, a uniquely hoppy red IPA known as "Devil's Britches". The beer was inspired by the beautifully visual Southern Appalachian mountain range. The first thing you notice when pouring Devil's Britches is it's devilish red color. It's topped off with a frothy off white head which dissipated rather quickly.  There are strong piney aromatics with hints of pear. I found the flavor to be a blend of roasted malt and mild grapefruit bitterness, with nutty overtones present in the aftertaste. As the beer warmed its hop character became even more pronounced.

Devil's Britches is brewed with 2-Row, Ashburne Mild and Extra Special malts. The hops are Apollo, Bravo and Columbus, then it's dry hopped with Calypso. For those not familiar  with Calypso hops they impart a complex fruity citrus aroma, with hints of pear, apple and sweet lemon lime. Depending on their application you might also detect notes of tea and tropical fruit in the beers aroma. Devil's Britches is not all that menacing at 6.0% ABV, but it's 70 IBU rating might just scare those of you with "mild mannered" taste buds right back to Sunday Church. Cheers!  

For more info on Highland beers visit:  highLand brewing company