Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer's Here.....

...... and so are the beers! Be it early or late this is the time of year when craft brewery's start rolling out their version of a beer best paired with the HEAT. Now is the time when we trade in our 3 malt blends, high octane and hop on steroids beers for something more peaceful and simple. Hefe's, Light Lager's and Pilsner's. Refreshing and Crisp, that's our sure cure for the "dog days of summer". Everybody's got one, Sam Adams Summer Ale, Sierra Nevada Summerfest, Brooklyn Summer Ale, and Leinenkugle's Summer Shandy just to name a few. Lemon's, lime's, orange's, peach's and apricot's are the key ingredients in our quest to find something goes better with "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes" than Land Shark. Sorry Jimmy! So today's selection is from our good friends at Harpoon Brewery. Okay so Boston, MA. might not be your first choice for a summer destination but their "Summer Beer"should be on your list of "must try's" if you are still looking for that elusive island of "Margaritaville". Harpoon "Summer Beer" is a Kolsch style ale. Kolsch style ales have the appearance and flavor that many people associate with lager beers. Kolsch beers are brewed with an ale yeast, but like other northern German light ales, they are straw gold in color and light bodied. The flavor is mild and the hopping levels are light. They provide a crisp, dry finish that make this beer particularly refreshing. So dig out that old hammock, dust off your vinyl copy of "A1A" and enjoy the beginning of summer with a Harpoon Summer Beer.

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