Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Signs Of Winter

Even if you don't live in a part of the country where seasonal changes are as obvious as a need to plow the driveway, you simply can't escape the onslaught of winter Seasonal Brews. There are so many to choose from. Just about every craft beer house produces their own version of something that pair's well with everything that is "Snow". My first sampling comes from Leinenkugle's with their "Fireside Nut Brown". Offered in the months of November through December this rich amber/rust colored beer is produced with English Two Rolled Malt and Cluster Hops. The beer pours a full head which dissipates quickly. The initial aroma brings to mind hazelnut blended with maple. A light malty taste character brings out the chocolate and caramel flavors. The lingering after taste is that of almost a roasted or burnt nut, which adds an interesting appeal to the beer. Bitterness is mild, coming in at 13 IBU's. Unlike most traditional English Nut Brown's or Brown Ales, Leinekugle's Fireside Nut Brown is far more complex in taste. But that being said I actually found it more session-able than it's UK counterparts at a mere 4.9% ABV. So as you are "spanning the globe" to experience the variety of winter brews, make a stop in Chippewa Falls and try Leinenkugel's "Fireside Nut Brown ". Oh, bring your mittens.

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