Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ahh.... Maryland in the Winter Time

Even the name "Baltimore, Maryland" sounds blustery and cold. So Clipper City Brewing's "Winter Storm" seems like a no brainer when it comes to winter warmers. As a member of Clipper's "Heavy Sea's" line "Winter Storm" holds it's own in even the most dangerous of nautical conditions. Pen named "Category 5" this 7.5% ABV brew is a hybred Imperial ESB chock full of English and U.S. hops. The strong hop aroma is there in this rust colored amber ale. But I would balk at the notion that this is an extremely bitter beer in the true definition of an ESB . At the risk of contradiction I would say that the bitterness does linger but the matly character blended with the higher octane could confuse your palette, or your brain. All and all, I suggest you give it a try and judge for yourself. But if I had a choice of digging out my car or staying inside and enjoying a Clipper City "Winter Storm", I would choose to let the car deal with another 3 inches.

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