Thursday, January 21, 2010

Starbucks Take Notice!

Dunedin Brewery's Biere de Café is a hybrid of their Beach Tale Brown Ale cold-infused with whole cocoa nibs and a coffee blend created specifically for Dunedin Brewery by Joffrey's Coffee and Tea Company. This 5.3% dark brown ale drinks much like a porter with a light brown head. I have had this many a time and depending on the roast of the coffee it can present your palate with slightly different variations from each batch that is brewed. Some friends of mine were making a trip over to the brewery so never would I pass up a chance to have them bring me back a growler of Biere de Café. Hell, it beats some stupid T-Shirt saying "My Buddies Got Drunk in Dunedin and All they Brought Me Back Was This Damn Shirt!"...... now there's a thought.

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