Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Very Important Collaboration

Sierra Nevada Brewing will toast their 30th anniversary with the release of  four limited edition collaborative beers. The biggest trend in craft brewing, over the last 2 years, has been the "collaboration". Breweries and brewmaster's partnering to create beers that  neither brewery would create on their own. Call it a "meeting of the minds" if you will. What makes this collaborative effort so important and different  is those who are involved with Sierra Nevada. Ken Grossman has chosen four of the most influential pioneers of the craft beer industry to take part in this celebration of Sierra's 30 year history. Fritz Maytag, Owner and President of Anchor Brewing is regarded by most as the "Grandfather" of modern craft beer. Jack McAuliffe, is the man who built the nations first "micro" brewery which inspired countless numbers of home brewers to follow their dreams of becoming professional brewers. Fred Eckhard, is a renowned author on all aspects of the beer industry. Charlie Papazian is an author and President of the Brewers Association, founder of the American Home Brewers Association and the Great American Beer Festival. Each of these men has put their signature style on a beer which will be released in limited production 750ml, corked bottles. Proceeds from the sale of these beers will benefit charitable organizations which are dear to each of their hearts. This is a series not to be missed. For more information please visit: .  Cheers!

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