Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stone Levitation Ale

In keeping with Stone's commitment to never be influenced by what commercial brewers are doing, Stone has created Levitation Ale. The art of Levitation can be defined as the ability to "rise" above. Whether the goal is to rise above the norm or to rise above all others, the most significant aspect of Levitation is "oneness". There is an astonishing visual of someone actually lifting off the ground while we mere mortals stand in awe of what to us seems unexplainable. But Stone's Levitation Ale is explainable. I'll start with the basics, and warn you that the numbers are what create the true mystery of this North County offering. Levitation's A.B.V. is modest a 4.4%, it's I.B.S's only 45. Stone's blend of hops would also do nothing to tilt your head, (on paper that is) Columbus, Smicoe, Amarillo and Crystal. The true magic comes from the tangible. This American amber pours a deep cherry red with a beige head. The nose is unmistakeably Grapefruit. That Grapefruit is also the first thing to hit your palate and what makes this a big hoppy beer. The dry hopping creates a slight bitterness that is accentuated by the spiciness of the roasted malt. As the beer warms the spiciness is more pronounced.  Hopheads take notice you are the ones who will be standing in awe as Levitation rises, almost effortlessly above the rest. For those non-aficionados of big hop beers, I would encourage you to be patient, after 2-3 bottles you will understand the beauty of a great hop blend. Levitation Ale is truly a one of a kind. Will you "rise" to the occasion? Cheers!

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