Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally the Stories and Pics from GABF2010

Okay, call me "Slacker". It's been almost a month since the close of GABF 2010 and I am just know getting around to posting something. We'll as a wise man once said "better late, than never". So grab a beer, here goes........
 On this adventure I was joined by two of my colleagues whom you may see in pictures or I will make reference to as we go. I will, to the best of my ability, try to accurately recount the the events as they happened, in the order they happened. Fair warning though what I can't remember, I'll make up, because as I will remind you this was the Great American Beer Festival so it's a wonder I remember anything at all.
 The first set back was at the Denver airport car rental desk. We were greeted by an absolutely pleasant agent who instructed us to proceed directly to the shuttle bus that would take us to our car located off site. A minute and a half into our bus ride, and well past the point of no return, our colleague realized he had us riding the wrong shuttle bus. So upon our arrival at the wrong agency we proceeded to re-board another bus for our return trip to where we had begone. Don't worry this is not going to be the "War and Peace" version. I just thought it was a funny story.
 First stop, Oskar Blues Brewing, for a well deserved beverage. Choices at their pub were plentiful and included, Dale's Pale Lager and a Barrel Aged Old Chub with Cherries.
Dale's Brew Pub
Dale's Fresh Off The Caning Line
Dale's Pale Lager

I think they need a bigger bucket....
Gubna Cans waiting to be filled

Ten Fidy Barel Aging
 Happy Little Dale's cans waiting to be shipped to a fine retail store near you.

  Click it or Ticket! They are all ready to go. Well this was the first of many stories, so keep checking back for further adventures.

 What?  Did you think I was going to try to write about the entire trip in one sitting? No way, I'm outta here...... Cheers!

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