Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Randall 3.0 Results

Just a quick update..... the Randall performed very well. Connection was simple, we ran the sterilizing agent through, probably could have used an additional spray bottle of no rinse sanitizer which would have made some aspects of the testing process easier, but that's the learning process. We started with Centennial pellet hop in a "hop sock" because the brew store had no cone hop available. The instructions recommended not to use pellet, but this is science so why not stretch the boundary's. It worked just fine once we got the hop sock in the first stage cylinder. We had to crank the regulator psi way down to get it to pour at a reasonable rate. I was told later by a draft expert that possibility turning the pressure up would better maintain the natural keg pressure. But that'll have to wait for "testing # 2". The hops worked great and definitely changed the flavor and aroma of the beer for the better, but not so much on the next two versions where we used Cinnamon sticks, then Pineapple chunks. Both offered little or no change, and we had to let the beer soak to even get that. We will continue to test the unit an I will provied updates as they come. Cheers! 

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