Saturday, April 30, 2011

unless you're in Tampa, FL Eatin' at Road Dawgs!

Every now and then the whole "Social Network" thing pays off. While name surfin' on facebook I came across an old buddy of mine who I had not spoken with in years. Come to find out he had just moved an hour and a half down the road from me. We traded email's and reunited at Dunedin Brewery for a night of great beer and old story tellin'. My buddy Brian has shifted gears from Rock & Roll Lighting Engineer to the owner of his own gourmet Hot Dawg business. Check out his Road Dawgs site for the whole story of our reunion and the low down on his fine line of Dawgs.  If you are ever in the Tampa Bay area grab a Road Dawg! .....and yes I'm working on adding craft beer to his menu. Cheers!

Nothing Like Home Made Hot Dogs!

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

FMF Orlando

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My Friends At FMF

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oskar Blues Twen Teny ?

Oskar Blues releases the most potent canned brew ever? This "top secret" info was unearthed by our friends at  ......

Date Line:  Friday April 1, 2011 ( ah, april fools?) Longmont, CO.

Oskar Blues Brewery will soon introduce a beer that will certainly bring about more than just some double-takes in the craft beer aisle. The brewery that has made canned beer cool again is about to unleash something big, very, very big!
When the brewery's newest offering, Twen Teny Triple Imperial Stout, hits shelves it will be far and away the strongest canned beer in the world. Currently the strongest canned beer is Camo Black Extra, a cheap malt liquor, which weighs in at a comparably low 12.2%. Twen Teny will weigh in at 20.10% (hence the name) and shatter the existing ABV record mark by almost 8%! In our humble opinion it's only fitting that the makers of Ten Fidy Imperial Stout, a 10.5% malt bomb and currently the strongest canned "craft" beer, and the folks responsible for the "canned beer apocalypse", should be the holders of this particular title. Good on ya!
Twen Teny is a limited release available only in Colorado and only at the Oskar Blues brewpub in Lyons as well as the the Tasty Weasel Taproom and Home Made Liquids and Solids in Longmont. If you're a beer trader it's time to check out your cellar and see what you have "FT" as it's obvious this will be a beer that many traders are "ISO"!
Here is the brewery’s description:
Twen Teny Triple Imperial Stout is a beer that is not for mere mortals. This is a stout that drinks Russian Imperial Stouts as session brews. We used so much malted barley while brewing this beer that breweries on the other side of the planet were bitching about malt shortages. Twen Teny packs an astounding punch at 20.10% ABV and has 135 IBUs to match. Nothing that went into this beer was measured in pounds, only tons. This is a beer that gives off a contact buzz and pours a color of black that had only previously been seen by the Hubble telescope. Pour this slowly into a small snifter and don't make plans for two days to follow."
....Well it sure sounded good, right? Cheers!
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