Saturday, April 30, 2011

unless you're in Tampa, FL Eatin' at Road Dawgs!

Every now and then the whole "Social Network" thing pays off. While name surfin' on facebook I came across an old buddy of mine who I had not spoken with in years. Come to find out he had just moved an hour and a half down the road from me. We traded email's and reunited at Dunedin Brewery for a night of great beer and old story tellin'. My buddy Brian has shifted gears from Rock & Roll Lighting Engineer to the owner of his own gourmet Hot Dawg business. Check out his Road Dawgs site for the whole story of our reunion and the low down on his fine line of Dawgs.  If you are ever in the Tampa Bay area grab a Road Dawg! .....and yes I'm working on adding craft beer to his menu. Cheers!

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