Friday, July 1, 2011

More "Tour de Rogue"

Friends and followers, I know you have been waiting on edge of your seats for more pictures from Tour de Rogue". Well the wait is over. If you have never been to the Portland, New Port, Independence areas of Oregon, take some time out to visit one of the most beautiful areas of the Pacific Northwest. And don't forget to visit Rogue Farms, the Brewery and the Distillery. Cheers!

Rogue Limo

Rogue Farms

Chatoe Rogue Sampling and Gift Shop

Chatoe Rogue Hop Fields

Rogue Hop Picker
Inside the Rogue Hop Picker

Rogue Hop Kiln
Inside the Rogue Hop Kiln

Rogue Farms

Home Brewers Facility
Hazelnut Orchard

Dare, Risk, Dream!
For more information please visit  Rogue Farms

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