Thursday, September 15, 2011

GABF 2011

Well folk's the Grand Daddy of all beers festivals is just around the corner. For all of you who won't be there because you were to lazy to order your tickets in time (yes it's sold out), spent to much money on drinking great craft beer this year, were too afraid to ask your boss for time off, could not convince the wife or hubby that this was a working business trip, had 6 friends punk out on you the morning after  a long drunken night of engineering a most elaborate road trip to Denver, have no fear! I will not be there either and let's just say it's for all of the above reasons. If you are fortunate to be going please keep the rest of us updated on all the wonderful "going's on", via Twitter and Facebook. Follow Me, Friend Me! Upload your pictures in-between pints. Use the #GABF tag, Follow the GABF on Twitter at @GABF.  Friend the Great American Beer Festival on Facebook. Friend request me on (yes that's a hyperlink) at "Beerattitude" and check-in to every glorious beer you are drinking anywhere in Denver. Shame the rest of us slackers into submission for not being there. I will gladly post whatever you care to send my way, on the Beerattitude blog. Stories, photos, emails and drinking now's, within reason and make sure I know it's GABF or from a related event. The email is: . Why do I feel like I have just opened a huge can of worms? Most of all have fun and please be responsible. I look forward to hearing about all the fun I'm missing. Cheers!

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