Monday, October 10, 2011

Ipswich Brewery's Latest Release

 On October 29th Ipswich Brewery will celebrate their newest project release. Known as "5 Mile" this new line of limited-edition, single batch beers will be available in stores in late Oct. The 5 Mile concept is based on the "brew local" concept where some if not all the ingrediants come from local area agriculture. In a recent Ipswich news letter they explain the idea behind 5 Mile, "We created 5 Mile with the sole purpose of crafting exceptional beers using local ingredients. 5 Mile's mission is to use at least 50% MA ingredients while always having at least one ingredient from within 5 Miles of Ipswich. We believe there is nothing better than supporting local agriculture to make a product that is unique to Massachusetts and the North Shore.". This pioneering spirit has proved successful with such lines as Sierra Nevada's Estate series and Rogue's G.Y.O. Chatoe series.
  The first offering in the series will be the "5 Mile Stock Ale". A dry-hopped ale using Cascade hops direct from the brewery's own  hop field. The barley was grown and malted locally and acquired through Massachusetts Brewers Supported Agriculture. Ipswich describes the ale as such, "5 Mile is a big, malty, stock ale brewed to be enjoyed by Locavores and Omnivores alike.". Seeing as how I don't live within 5 Miles of the Ipswich Brewery I better get on my bike and start peddling, if I hope to make it there in time for the Oct 29th release party. Cheers!
For more information please visit : Ipswich Brewery 

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