Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is Your Beer Safe To Drink?

 Fortunately for me Florida is a state which allows distributors to provide line cleaning services to it's customers. This service is usually free of charge as well. But there are many other states which prohibit this service. In those states it becomes the responsibility of the bar owner to assure that the lines are cleaned on a regular basis. Proprietors who's knowledge of  beer extends no further than profit and popularity, will likely lump beer service in with the rest of the knives they're already juggling. "Beer Clean" lines and glassware are all fundamental principals of proper beer service. Lines should be professionally cleaned every two weeks. Glassware should be rinsed prior to serving, as seen in the video. And please, please stop using those horrible glass chillers. They only serve to freeze a myriad of potential airborne infections to the inside of the glass, which in turn will end up in your beer. So what is the moral of the story? $500 Bucks a month keeps you on the right side of this Investigative Report.
For more information on Draft Sytems & Cleaning visit: Micro Matic U.S.A.

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