Friday, October 21, 2011

Single-Hopped Beers

 There was a recent discussion on one of my network blog sites regarding single-hopped beers... "How many of you out there are actively searching for single-hop beers when you visit your favorite beer store?"
 Well that got me to thinking about the concept of single-hopped beers and how they could possible establish themselves as viable category of the craft beer market. As I read on, the pro's and con's of names like Harmon and Mikkeller were debated and it prompted me to pen this response...."I believe that single-hop beers are necessity in the craft world. There are many hop varieties which alone can provide all the wonderful aromatic, taste and bittering character of great multi-hopped beer. But what sets them apart is that they define their beer as "individual". When Jim Koch conceived "Latitude 48 Deconstructed" it was more of a teaching tool rather than a marketing ploy for his product. Simply, single-hop beers allow drinkers to identify the merits and short comings of each hop. But more than that it allows them to identify what each hop contributes to a multi-hopped beer. I only wish I had more single-hop beers available in my area."  Here are just few single hop beers I discovered. Cheers!


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