Thursday, November 10, 2011

Harpoon Brewery Launches Pilot Brewhouse

 This week Harpoon Brewery set into motion another part of their R&D plan. This is what Harpoon had to say on facebook this past Tuesday "Today, we are breaking in our new 10 barrel pilot brewhouse in Boston by brewing a batch of Harpoon Ale! This new system is going to give us a chance to experiment with new styles and brewing techniques. We are all very excited about it!". 
 Small batch "Pilot" systems are a critical tool in the development of new beers. They're like the "test track" of the brewing world. These small brewing systems allow a brewer to create more cost effective test batches of new beers. Cheers to them! I'm sure we will be seeing some great new Harpoon Beers as a result of their new pilot system.

    For more information Harpoon information visit : Harpoon

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