Saturday, January 21, 2012

Great Divide Hibernation Ale

 Whether it's a trend or coincidence, once again I am tasting a malty brown/amber ale. This time it is Great Divide's "Hibernation Ale".  As part of their seasonal line, Hibernation is an English-Style Old Ale. This robust, malty complected ale is available October through January and has three GABF medals to it's credit. Hibernation pours a deep rich amber color with modest two finger, off-white head. It's aroma is a roasty warm malt with a hint of nuttiness. The complex taste features are of roasted chocolate malt with a hint of vanilla and brown sugar. Hibernation packs a punch at 8.7% ABV, but still reflects a deep rich character found in many well balanced barrel-aged beers. I detected notes of a piney hop, possibly Chinook, but nothing is listed. The beer is dry-hopped though. All-in-all I  very much enjoyed Hibernation Ale and would recommend that you give it a try. Well, maybe come October.

For more information visit Great Divide Brewing Co. 

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