Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Full Sail Brewing Series LTD #4

  Full Sail Brewing releases a series of limited edition beers under the moniker of "Seasonal Brews". They're branded as "LTD" then given a recipe number. I was fortunate to find #4 in the series which peaked my interest because it's a Single Hop, Single Malt Lager. Normally this combination is reserved for Ales. But because the series is dedicated to the vision of the brewer, the rule book's tossed in the proverbial "drink". # 4 Is a brilliantly executed blend of Willamette hop and Pale malt. The beer pours a rich golden color with a fluffy white head. It's has a green appley aroma with an ever so slight grassy influence. The flavor was quite unique in that none of the elements are overpowering. There's a mild hop flavor with hints of spice and bitterness. The malt character has some sweetness, but  is not overwhelming. The mouth feel is dry and very evident in the beers finish. There's no long lingering bitterness. For a 7% ABV American Pale Lager Full Sail's LTD #4 is very drinkable at a modest 45 IBU's. I hesitate to add it to my "sessionable" list, but I would have no problem drinking quite a few of these all year round. I can also see it being a very versatile beer, paring well with B.B.Q,  Poultry and maybe a Grilled Fish dish. Released Jan- March I would say if you can still stumble upon it give it a try. Cheers!

For more info visit: Full Sail Brewing

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