Thursday, May 31, 2012

Magic Hat Summer Variety Pack

Stop and smell the petals Pistil is a summer beer unlike any other, brewed with a combination of dandelion petals, Pale and Acidulated malts, flaked oats, and Apollo and Northern Brewer hops that results in a one-of-a-kind beer with a slightly sour acidity and a smooth malt body. Perfect for taking down deep thirst.

TYPE: Dandelion Beer
YEAST: California Ale
HOPS: Apollo, Northern Brewer
MALTS: 2-row Pale, Acidulated, Flaked Oats


Elder Betty
A golden haze for a summer's daze. Elder Betty is a weiss-style ale with a bready malt flavor balanced by a touch of hops and complimented by the tart berry flavors of elderberry.

TYPE: Weiss Ale
YEAST: American Hefeweizen
HOPS: Apollo
MALTS: 2-Row Pale, Wheat

Blind Faith
An ale of enlightenment created to aid in deciphering the puzzles along life's road, and to interpret signs in the voyages of the spirit. Blind Faith is an extremely well-balanced India Pale Ale with a crisp, refreshing hop bitterness and a deep malt body to match.

TYPE: India Pale Ale
YEAST: English Ale
HOPS: Apollo, Cascade
MALTS: Pale, Crystal


A beer cloaked in secrecy. An ale whose mysterious and unusual palate will swirl across your tongue and ask more questions than it answers. A sort of dry, crisp, refreshing, not-quite pale ale. #9 is really impossible to describe because there's never been anything else quite like it.
TYPE: Not Quite Pale Ale
YEAST: English Ale
HOPS: Cascade, Apollo
MALTS: Pale, Crystal

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