Monday, July 16, 2012

Oskar Blues Deviant Dale's IPA

 Hard to believe that a brewery as good as Oskar Blues didn't have an IPA in their portfolio. Okay for those of you who enjoy pointing out technicalities stop berating me with "Oh so I guess Gubna's not an IPA right?". Gubna's an "Imperial IPA" you beer guzzling rocket scientist's! Yes, an IPA but a "horse of a different color". Deviant Dales IPA is the latest addition to the OB family. This baby pours a deep coppery color with white frothy head. It's aroma is extremely piney and citrusy . There's no disguising the over-the-top Cascade dry hopping that went on here. Double D's flavor is malty and grapefruit bitter with a resiny stickiness. The hop character is "in your face", but the bitterness is not long lingering. And yes at 8% ABV the alcohol is there too. Oskar Blues had been brewing Deviant off-and-on for few years, but never put it into full production until now. With OB's plans for a production expansion, which would include a new high speed canning line as well as the introduction of their 16 ounce can, Deviant Dales fit the bill as the perfect test drive for this latest venture. Why am I yapping about this, like I  know something? Just watch the video.. and Cheers!

For more Deviant info visit a NSFW website you pervs! The rest of you can check out: Deviant Dale's more respectable home.

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