Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kona Brewing Co. Pipeline Porter

 In some parts of the world the summer never seems to leave, but their beers continue to change with the seasons. Today's offering comes to us surf style from the "Aloha" state of Hawaii. Long known for its beautiful beaches and incredible surf, Hawaii is also known for it's great Kona coffee bean crop. Back in 1995 a little known Kona Brewing Company introduced Hawaii to craft brewing with the release of their Pacific Golden Ale and Fire Rock Pale Ale. Beer and coffee collided in Kona's "Pipeline Porter", a rich and roasty malt wipe out of narley proportions. This unique island libation brings together the great flavor of Kona's island coffee with all the tradition of an English porter.  Pipeline pours a deep brown, almost black, color with a light brown head. It's aroma is all coffee and roasted malt. If you like coffee beers, this is a good one. The malts are a wonderful blend of  Pale, Carapils, Victory, Caramel 80, Extra Special, Chocolate Malt and Dark Chocolate. They are then infused with 100% Kona coffee grown at Cornwell Estate, on the big island. Kona chose Warrior, Millenium and Willamette hops which provide a modest 28 IBU's.Yes, the rest of the bitterness is derived from the coffee. Pipeline's flavor is all coffee with the body and mouth feel of a hearty porter. So all you Craft Coffee Beer lovers rejoice, and say Aloha! to Pipeline Porter. Cheers!

For more Kona info visit : Kona Brewing Co.

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