Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Belgium Brewing Red Hoptober Ale

 No sooner did we say farewell to the beers of summer, the fall seasonal beers are now upon us. Those light, crisp, refreshing palate quenchers are replaced with beers of hearty malt and hop character. As of late, many craft brewers have jumped on the Pumpkin beer bandwagon as their selected fall offering. By now you all are well aware my disinterest with that style, so I will spare you the long diatribe on "Pumpkin Pie" beers. Our beer of choice today is the Fall seasonal beer from New Belgium Brewing called "Red Hoptober". An interesting play-on-words, Hoptober likely drew its name from a movie of a similar title. But if you dig a bit deeper you find that this beers name is quite apropos. Its color is a wonderful "Red"ish Brown. Its aroma and flavor are derived from a wonderful "Hop" blend consisting of  Target, Nugget, Cascade, Eldorado,  and Centennial, and it's available in the month of 'October".  The Eldorado hops are what give this beer it's unique piney forward flavor and aroma. The use of Cascade and Centennial hops impart the citrus and floral qualities which complement the roastiness of the caramel malt. Checking in at a modest 6.0% ABV with a tasty 60 IBU's, Red Hoptober the prefect beer to get you into the fall season, and a great alternative to "Pumpkin Pie" beers".  Cheers!

For more info on Red Hoptober and New Belgium Brewing visit:  NEW BELGIUM 

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