Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bell's Winter White Ale

 Winter beers have arrived and first one on deck is Bell's Winter White Ale. This beer is a departure from the traditional malty complected "winter warmer" style beers you'll find this time of year. Winter White is variation of the Belgian Witbier. It pours a murky unfiltered yellow, almost the color of grapefruit juice, with a thin white head. Fermented using a Belgian Yeast gives the beer a Champagne like carbonation of tightly knit, very fine bubbles. It's flavor is dry with fruity esters of lemon and just a hint of clove. Winter White Ale is an extremely refreshing wheat beer, and a wonderful change from other more traditional winter seasonal beers. And it scores high on my "sessionable list" coming in at a mere 5.0% ABV.  I highly recommend this one. Cheers!


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