Sunday, July 14, 2013

Almanac Beer Co. Latest Release Dogpatch Sour

 Almanac Beer Co. is quickly making a name for themselves throughout the Northern California Craft Beer community.  Almanac was founded in 2010 by Jesse Friedman and Damian Fagin. Both began as successful homebrewers who partnered to create a brewery focused on partnerships with Northern California's sustainable farming community. Their motto "Beer Is Agriculture" is in keeping with "Farm to Table" philosophy of creating unique beers using ingredients harvested by locally owned family farms.

"Before brewing ever begins, we collaborate on ideas for interesting, unusual and seasonal beers. Once we’ve settled on that idea, we carefully select our partner farm focusing on small family run operations, just like us. Then we start with the basics.Water, malt, yeast and hops are combined to create a balanced beer with equal parts sweet and bitter. Then the fruit is added, so that the hungry yeast can eat the sugars in the fruit as well.  This creates a beer that has all of the flavors of the fruit, without overbearing sweetness.  All of our base recipes are rooted in, but not limited to, classic beer styles and brewed in very small batches."

Dogpatch Sour was created in the Flanders Red style then aged for eight months in oak wine barrels. The beer is built around a Belgian Red, then locally raised cherries are added. It's yeast is a blend of Belgian and  American. The beer comes in at 7.5% and will be available in 375ml bottles and on draught. Cheers!

For more info visit: Almanac Beer Co.

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