Sunday, April 27, 2014

Utah Hoppiness Uinta Brewing Co. "Hop Nosh" IPA & "Detour" Double IPA

 With Baseball season in full swing I thought I'd get in the spirit with this Double Header of a review. Both offerings come from Utah's Uinta Brewing Co.. Uinta was founded in 1993 in a converted commercial garage space located in Salt Lake City. Uinta Brewing is named after an east-west running mountain range located in northeastern region of Utah. Uinta's beer names are derived from areas Utah which have either historical significance or reflect Utah's diverse landscapes. "Cutthroat Pale Ale", their flagship beer, is named after Utah's state fish. "King's Peak Porter" is named after Utah's highest peak.

The first game of this Double Header brings us "Hop Nosh" IPA. This India Pale Ale pours a cloudy golden yellow, with a thick sticky white head. Aromas are of fresh grass with hints of tropical fruit. Flavors are piney and citrus with sweetness likened to Mango or Pineapple. Carbonation is light which complements the delicious hop to malt blend. Hop Nosh provides a resinous malt body which is light yet still flavorful. Bitterness is lingering but not over the top or spicy. "Hop Nosh" checks in at 7.3% ABV at 82 IBU's.

Game 2 of our Double Header, "Detour" Double IPA. Detour pours rich, clear Orange to Amber color with a frothy white head. It's aroma is grassy with notes of pine and grapefruit.  Mouth feel is rich and full of body. Detour's flavor is pretty typical for most DIPA's of the day - malty sweet, mild bitterness with a rounded alcohol punch. Our closers finish dry with a lot of alcohol shutting down the lingering bitterness.  "Detour" checks in at 9.5% ABV at 95IBU's.

Overall both beers were quite tasty and we are excited that Uinta Brewing Co. has come to Florida. 
We look forward to sampling more of the great beer from Uinta. Cheers!

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