Thursday, September 1, 2011

Great News From Rogue Farms

The Rogue Nation Department of Agriculture has just released the "August 2011 Crop Report" to their Rogue Nation Members. Here are a few of the highlights from their report....

Rogue Farms Micro Barley Farm Tygh Valley, Oregon:

Risk™ Malting Barley: Risk Malting Barley is our winter variety and was recently harvested, after reaching the optimal plump, protein and moisture levels.  Yields were close to 100 bushels per acre, making our barley bench one of most productive in the country. Initial test results have also given us an A+ grade year, with plump levels at 97% and protein below 10%.  Barley this good germinates well, and since we are also malting our own - this is great news.
Dare™ Malting Barley: Dare Malting Barley is our spring variety and will be harvested any day now. It has turned completely brown and was irrigated for the last time this season at the beginning of August.  The watering equipment will soon be removed from the field, giving the dirt and crop time to dry before we go in with the combines. It appears the weather will cooperate as we see nothing but hot, sunny days ahead in the forecast - though there is always the risk of rain in Oregon, we remain optimistic.

Rogue Farms Micro Hopyard Independence, Oregon:

Rogue GYO Certified Hops: We began harvest of our seven varieties of aroma hops in the last full week of August. The first to come in was Revolution Hops, closely followed by Freedom Hops. Which varieties we harvest next will depend on dry matter tests. The dry matter levels of the cones must hit their ideal target range of 80% to 82% before we can begin. Immediately after cutting the bines, the hops head straight for our Micro Processing facility on the Hopyard. This is where we strip, separate, sort, kiln, cool and bale the cones before they're sent directly to the Rogue Brewery in Newport

This will be music to all the fans of Rogue Ales and members of the Rogue Nation. As you know from my previous posts I was fortunate to have visited the Rogue Farms earlier this year. I saw these  hop bines when they were a mere 3' tall. Now they are ready for harvest, and soon to be in our favorite Rogue Beers. Cheers to all at Rogue Farms!
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