Thursday, September 8, 2011

Utah Bans The "Chubby"!

Utah's law makers have just dealt another blow to the restaurants of their fine state. The state has now added "mini-kegs" to the list of banned beer vessels. These 5 liter "Chubby" kegs as they are affectionately known, will now go the way of their big brother the 15.5 common 1/2 bbl keg. Only authorized retailers will be allowed to continue to sell beer in kegs larger than 5 liters. In case you were not aware Utah liquor laws already prohibit restaurants from preparing alcoholic drinks in the plain view of customers. This has forced proprietors to relocate their draft dispensing  systems to storage areas and "walk in" coolers where their prep-food items are stored. In addition 70% of the restaurants sales are required to come from food items. Boy it's getting tough to get a drink in Utah these days.Cheers!

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