Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brew Dog Brews on Sea Floor!

 Well those crazy boys from Scotland are at it again. Known for being the most successful craft brewery in the UK, Brew Dog has made recent headlines for creating outrageously high octane beers such as the 32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin and the 41% Sink the Bismark. Martin and James, the brain-trust behind Brew Dog, have now sunk to the bottom of the North Sea for the latest creation "Sunk Punk"

Sunk Punk from BrewDog on Vimeo.

  Sunk Punk is a 7.1% IPA actually fermented at the bottom of the North Sea, containing buckweed distilled sea salt and rum. Brew Dog lets us in on where the idea for Sunk Punk came from.....
"Scottish folklore states that to calm a storm, you should throw a bottle of beer into the ocean. According to legend, a fisherman with a witch for wife would go fishing every day and catch nothing. The witch would go to the shore and cast spells of luck to turn her husband’s fortunes. She then discovered that this was because he was actually drinking ale rather than fishing, so she decided to put a curse on the coastline that meant if he ever tried to come to shore, a storm would start and the boat would sink. Brewing a beer under the waves is intended to halt the storms and reverse the curse and teach the witch bitch a lesson."

 As is the case with most of the single batch limited releases from Brew Dog we can't really be sure that any bottles will reach our shores. But we'll keep our skull and bones crossed. Cheers!
For more information on Sunk Punk or Brew Dog visit: Sunk Punk

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