Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Abita Celebrates 25 with Vanilla DoubleDog

 Abita Beer Celebrates 25 years of brewing excellence with the release of  Vanilla DoubleDog. This limited edition anniversary beer is based on their highly successful brown ale, Turbo Dog. As with Turbo Dog, Vanilla DoubleDog uses pale and chocolate malts, with the inclusion of choice caramel malts. Willamette hops are once again the variety of choice. What makes this beer unique is the use of natural whole vanilla beans, introduced during the aging process. Vanilla DoubleDog pours deep dark brown to black in color with a light tan head. The aroma includes vanilla, chocolate and hints of licorice. It drinks with a rich mouth-feel. The vanilla bean, caramel and chocolate malts all blend together and finish with a subtle toffee sweetness. The beer is very sessionable, checking in at a 7%ABV. With Vanilla DoubleDog's limited availability I would suggest stock piling as much as you can. This is a perfect choice for the change of seasons and one to get you through those chilly winter months. It's just a shame that your 25th only comes around once. Cheers to Abita!
For more information visit: Abita Beer

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