Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Arena's & Stadium's Beer Scam!

I know we are all aware that when we go to a sporting event or concert the concession stand is likely to put a Hulk Hogan size hurt'n on our wallets. Making a profit is one thing, but flat out ripping us off is just not right. Check out this video report I found on YouTube.....

Okay, so I thought I'd take this one step further by looking into the profit being made in this scenario. Lets take the 20oz beer as our example beer size. Then we will use a standard American 15.5 gallon keg of Miller Lite or Bud Light as a reference point. Now the cost of the keg may very by state and county, but you'll get the idea. In my area the wholesale cost of the keg is $86.00. The 20 ounce beer in the video was priced at $8.00. So this is how the profit on the sale of just one keg stacks up...

Servings Per Keg 99.20

Revenue Per Keg $793.60

Profit Per Keg $707.60

Profit Per Month $707.60

Profit Per Year $8,491.20

Well, I guess team owners have to pay for those high priced athletes some how. So the next time you're buying a beer at the ball game go for the "Small". Cheers!

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