Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beerattitude Fan Page "Like Drive"

Like all the great stuff you're seeing on the Beerattitude Blog? Do you want to share you own stories, interact with other Beerattitude Fans and join the Better Beer Revolution? Well the Beerattitude Facebook Fan Page is just the place. We're sharing ton's of great beer information, articles, photos, events and brewery updates each and every day. Over 70% of our Fan Page content comes from you guys. And most of this stuff you won't find  on the Beerattitude blog. So whether you've been to our Beerattitude Fan Page or not, head over now! We're at: www.facebook.com/Beerattitude   And don't  forget to show your support by hitting that "LIKE" button! Keep sending us your great stuff and we'll keep sharing it. Together we can all be a part of the Better Beer Revolution!

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