Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lagunitas Pale Ale New Dog Town

Lagunitas Brewing Company's Pale Ale New Dog Town is a pretty straight forward Pale Ale. Pouring golden straw in color with a thin white head, this beer has all the typical qualities you'll find in a hearty American Pale Ale. It's aroma is hoppy and grassy with a mild hint of sweetness. Very earthy in nature (no pun intended.. okay, well maybe). Initially its flavor is a nice balance between malt and hops, then it finishes with a long lingering bitterness almost verging on an IPA. Pale Ale New Dog Town is definitely West Coast which registered right in my wheelhouse. It will even make my "Sessionable List" checking in at a modest 6.2% ABV. One more interesting note: as this beer warmed up the hop character went sharply to more of a "wet hay" flavor rather then bitter. Overall this is a good Pale Ale which I highly recommend should you find it on your local beer menu. Cheers! 

For more info visit: Lagunitas Brewing Co.

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