Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beck's Sapphire

 This is our first sampling of Beck's latest release "Sapphire". Named after the German hops it's brewed with,  Sapphire pours the traditional golden color with a light white head. I found nothing particularity unique about this beer, it's pretty null of any noticeable aroma. It's a typical mild German pilsner. Quite smooth, as the label says, and there are some buttery sweet notes to it's flavor. It's appeal to those drinkers who might be swayed from the domestic giant beers, would be the absence of any harsh bitterness commonly found in the stereotypical Eastern European import as well as it's 6% ABV rating. Sapphire will hit the American marked at a  slightly higher retail price then its well established brethren, which could effect it's long term success. I must admit that the black bottle and the silver and black graphics are quite appealing,  With the influx of great high-end imports riding into the American beer market on the coattails of the ever-growing craft beer business, only time will tell if North American beer drinkers will embrace Sapphire. Cheers!

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