Monday, December 24, 2012

House of Shandy Tenacious Traveler

 New to the beer market are the offerings from The House Of Shandy Beer Company. "Shandy" is and old school concoction invented by the Brits who mixed various common Lemon or Lime beverages with their favorite libation ALE! The Addition of citrus to the ale lent a light refreshing quality to the beer thus making it even more appealing during those warm English summers. A traditional Shandy is comprised of half Ale and half Lemonade, but in early versions you would even find Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale.  The Tenacious Traveler pours cloudy yellow in color with a rich white head. You definitely get the lemon citrus and ginger aroma on the nose. Travelers thick mouth feel is likely derived from the use of clover honey, which also adds to its sweetness. Strong notes of ginger and tart lemon all complement the beers overall character. The honey adds to its flavor but does not overpower and allows for a crisp finish. This is a completely sessionable beer at 4.4% ABV.  The addition of ginger and honey is what sets this shandy apart from other versions. Overall, I did enjoy this beer and will be looking for more offerings from The House Of Shandy Beer Co. Cheers!

For more info on the Traveler visit: House Of Shandy

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