Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dogfish Head "Brew Masters" The Lost Epsoide

 Here's the last episode of Dogfish Head's "Brew Masters" hosted by Sam Calagione. This was to be the 6th episode in the series, which was abruptly canceled by the Discovery Channel after only 5 shows. Controversy surrounded the cancellation. Discovery Channel representatives would claim low ratings for "Brew Masters" as the reason for the canceling the show. A more accurate assessment would support rumors of the undue pressure from Discovery Channel's advertisers, i.e. Macro Breweries, as the real reason for the shows demise.

"Three Beers for Batali", which never aired, documents Sam's collaborative journey to create uniquely crafted beers for renowned chef Mario Batali's latest restaurant venture "Eataly", located in New York city. This journey took Sam to Italy where he created and brewed with the visionaries at the forefront of Italian craft brewing. In this episode we also get a glimpse into Dogfish Head's recent multimillion dollar brewery expansion.

So, without further ado I give you  "Three Beers for Batali"...... and Cheers!

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