Friday, February 15, 2013

Shiner FM966 Farmhouse Ale

 Spoetzl Brewery, with over 100 years of German influenced brewing tradition, hales from the small Texas town known as Shiner. You may have even heard of one of their little offerings called "Shiner Bock". Okay, so who are we kidding, everyone from San Antonio to Texarkana knows SHINER BOCK!

 The K. Spoetzl Brewery was founded in 1909 by a group of German and Czech immigrants who settled in the small town of Shiner TX. With a yearning for the great Bavarian beers of their homeland, they quickly formed the Shiner Brewing Association. Then, on a shoestring budget, opened a makeshift brewery which would eventually become the K. Spoetzl Brewery. Shiner Bock was first brewed in 1913 as a seasonal offering and due to its overwhelming popularity, became their flagship beer.

 Although the brewery had been brewing many different styles of beer since their early days it was a beer called Shiner Premium which was their early mainstay. Years later, with the popularity of craft beer, these recipes, steeped in German tradition, allowed the brewery to take advantage of the growing number of educated palates. The breweries fan base spanned the gamete, college kids to the older Texan folk who grew up with Shiner.

 Shiner's FM966 is a Spring seasonal release which is based on the European tradition of brewing a beer in winter which would be ready to drink in the Spring. FM966 pours golden in color, with little to no head. It's aroma is musty with hints of fruity esters. The body is light with just a tad sticky mouth feel. The flavor is dry with sweet overtones and it finishes a mild spicy bitterness. From the appearance of the beer it's obvious light malts were used. The hops are a blend of Golding, Sterling and Meridian. It comes in at 21 IBU's and 5.7% ABV. Although this was a good beer for me, I wouldn't say it's one of Shiners best. But give it a try and judge for yourself. Cheers!

For more Shiner info visit: Shiner Brewery

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